Small Business Advocacy

    Yeaster Legal pllc provides small business consulting support and continues to promote
    contemporary leadership in business.  In addition, we help small business owners and
    entrepreneurs navigate legal challenges ranging from basic contract negotiations and vendor
    management to business litigation and intellectual property matters.

    Entity Selection and Formation
    Entity selection is a crucial point of starting a business.  Many business owners choose to rely
    on their corporate CPA or Accountant to file their entity formation documents.  While a CPA
    can file these off the shelf forms, they cannot offer legal advice (this would be practicing law
    without a license, a Misdemeanor in Michigan).  We strongly urge anyone forming a new
    business to talk to a licensed attorney prior to selecting an entity.  If you choose the wrong
    business structure it is very costly to change later down the road.  While S-Corporations were
    once a popular entity these are not always the best entity for small businesses.  Limited Liability
    Companies are governed by a completely different code of laws than Corporations and the
    caveats to the two different legal Acts can determine which is the right entity for you and your
    business venture.  Only a licensed attorney can counsel someone on the differences in these
    laws.  Be informed, a mere $100 office consult with Yeaster Legal could save you thousands of
    dollars in restructuring later.  

    New Businesses and Start-Ups
    We cater to entrepreneurs just getting started.  Yeaster Legal has helped many small business
    start-ups begin the journey to sustainability and can coach you through the start-up process by
    assisting in the crucial initial decisions you make about how to run your entity.  

    We have an established strategy for getting small businesses off the ground and running with
    momentum that includes:
             -  Selecting the corporate entity that is right for your business
             -  Filing any required documentation with the State and Federal governments
             -  Drafting business and marketing plans
             -  Developing an advertising strategy
             -  Developing an interviewing and staffing strategy
             -  Recommending strategic approaches to vendor management and contract negotiations
             -  Creating time-lines for implementation with financial targets and revenue goals
             -  Supporting contract negotiations and drafting terms and conditions for your business

    Small Business Coaching and Representation
    As your business grows your legal needs may change.  We focus on building long term
    relationships, and can be there to support you through acquisitions, mergers and long term
    strategic planning.  Is your business facing a lawsuit?  Let Yeaster Legal defend you against the
    allegations you face.  If you are unsure about an issue and would like to have an attorney review
    documents, contract provisions, or a businesses related situation, Yeaster Legal offers reduced
    rate consults for new clients by appointment.  

    Product Liability
    Attorney Eric Alan Yeaster is also a Mechanical Engineer.  He understands mechanical products
    and how they work.  He also understands the law on product liability.  As products become
    more technically advanced, selecting an attorney with a technical background becomes more
    important.  An attorney with a technical background can make all the difference in the world
    when advising a business owner who is offering a highly technical product or service.  
    Moreover, a legal review of your products prior to production might ward off future allegations
    long before your products even enter the stream of commerce.  Let Yeaster Legal be that extra
    set of eyes that can spot potential legal issues during design reviews in the pre-production phase
    of the product lifecycle.
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