Legal Counseling

    With consumers becoming more and more conscious of cost and value, many in need of legal
    services are asking how they can be more involved with their legal matter in an effort to reduce
    the overall cost of litigation and attorneys’ fees.

    Michigan Rules Governing the Scope of Representation
    Under the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.2 covers the Scope of
    Representation.  Rule 1.2(b) states, “A lawyer may limit the objectives of the representation if
    the client consents after consultation.”

    The official comments regarding Rule 1.2 and, “Services Limited in Objectives or Means” state
    in part:
    “The objectives or scope of services provided by a lawyer may be limited by agreement
    with the client or by the terms under which the lawyer's services are made available to
    the client. For example, a retainer may be for a specifically defined purpose.”

    The Unbundling of Legal Services
    Defining a limited scope of legal services is referred to as the “unbundling” of legal services.  
    This “a la carte” approach to legal services is increasingly being offered to help make legal
    counseling more accessible and affordable.  

    Where traditionally an attorney would require a large retainer to handle a legal matter “in full,”
    the market forces of today require a more affordable option for many clients.  In addition, with
    increased access to information on the Internet, sophisticated clients may wish to handle some
    of their legal needs themselves, with their attorney merely counseling them on the law and legal
    procedure rather than providing full representation.  This unbundling of services offers an
    affordable option in which the attorney and the client agree upon a limited scope of service that
    is affordable to the client and allows them access to the law at a cost that is within their budget.

    If you have a legal issue or need advice on a legal situation and are interested in affordable legal
    counseling that is limited in scope, contact Yeaster Legal pllc to see if unbundled legal services
    may be an option for you.   
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