Estate Planning and Business Succession Plans

    Yeaster Legal understands that for a lot of small businesses or family run enterprises the
    business entity itself is the primary asset in the family's estate plan.  Yeaster Legal helps small
    business owners plan for retirement from their business through many different avenues
    including everything from simply closing the business and counseling the owners through the
    windup phase to complex succession planning for either the heirs of the business or an outright
    sale of the business.  The options are vast, and succession plans can vary according to the goals
    of the owner.

    Traditional Estate Planning
    Yeaster Legal offers traditional estate planning for business owners and non-business owners
    alike.  If you would like to plan for major family assets to be put into a trust, or you would like
    to transfer your assets via a traditional will, we can help you structure your estate to meet your
    end of life goals.  Whatever your goals may be, these documents should be reviewed regularly
    given they can be affected by changes in the law and life events such as marriages, divorces
    and new births of family members.  If you have Estate Planning documents that were drafted
    more than five years ago you should have them reviewed by a licensed attorney to see if they
    need to be updated.

    Durable Power of Attorney documents and Patient Advocacy forms
    An important part of Estate Planning includes planning for a loss of capacity.  It is important to
    most clients that they have a family member or trusted agent that can make decisions about their
    assets as well as decisions surrounding their end of life medical care.  Yeaster Legal can help
    provide counseling as to how to select these important persons as well as drafting the
    documents that will grant the appropriate authority that is desired by the client.

    Issues involving persons with special needs
    Many families have family members or dependents with special needs.  Planning for the long
    term care or support of these persons often requires analysis of government benefits, tax related
    issues, and careful review of the estate as a whole to ensure the preservation of estate assets for
    the other remaining family members.  Yeaster Legal can help review these sensitive scenarios on
    a case by case basis, creating a custom plan that best serves each individual client's needs.

    Probate, Estate and Trust Administration
    If you are at a point where a family member has lost capacity or passed on and need counseling
    or assistance in the administration of previously drafted instruments, Yeaster Legal can help.  
    Often personal representatives and agents of the disabled can get overwhelmed when they are
    ultimately required to begin performing their duties.  If you have concerns over making
    decisions as an agent, fiduciary, personal representative or trustee, Yeaster Legal can assist you
    and provide counseling as to the legal requirements of performing your duties.

    Succession planning for Vacation Properties and other assets
    Business owners often have unique assets requiring special care in the estate planning process
    including such assets as heavy equipment, machinery, commercial properties, vacation homes,
    even gun and weapon collections.  The titling and ownership of these types of assets needs to
    be planned very carefully.  Yeaster Legal can help research and review the proper way to plan
    for the succession of these assets by using a custom approach for each respective client's
    individual situation and goals.  Given some of the planning for these types of assets may take
    longer to put into place than more typical assets it is highly recommended that these assets be
    reviewed more regularly to ensure they are properly planned for.
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