About Yeaster Legal pllc

    Meet the Attorney:

    A Contemporary Law Firm
    Yeaster Legal operates a paperless, low overhead law firm utilizing the latest technology to
    reduce costs and gain efficiency in the practice of law.  This results in lower legal fees and
    faster results for clients.  Yeaster Legal uses laptops, scanners and mobile technology to
    accommodate our client's ever changing needs and support our clients with efficiency.  
    Carrying an "office in our bag" so-to-speak, we can meet you by appointment at our corporate
    office or yours.

    Serving the Entire State of Michigan with a focus on the
    Metro-Detroit Area as well as Northern Lower Michigan

    Yeaster Legal has an office located at 1641 Milford Road, Suite 102 in Highland, Michigan.

    Yeaster Legal also serves businesses and individuals in Gaylord, Michigan and the surrounding
    Northern Michigan communities.  
    * Note that Yeaster Legal receives all mail through its Post Office Box in Highland,
    Michigan.  The mailing address for Yeaster Legal is:

    Yeaster Legal PLLC
    PO Box 1267
    Highland, MI  48357

    Office consultations are available for a reduced rate by appointment only.  Free consultations are
    available by phone.  For Business clients, we can be available for consultations on site at your
    business location if it is appropriate for the matter of concern or project.  
P.O. Box 1267
Highland, MI 48357

Ph. 248 212 2028
Fax. 248 634 0621

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