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    Business Law Counseling and Representation.

    Small Business Advocacy
    Yeaster Legal pllc supports small businesses and entrepreneurs.  We can help you at every stage
    of building your small business, from the start-up phase to the dissolution, transfer or sale at
    retirement.  Contract Negotiations?  No problem.  Let us coach you through vendor
    negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions.  Whatever challenge you face, our business is helping
    you with yours.

    Estate Planning, Wills and Trust Formation
    Whether you are a business owner that needs assistance with a succession plan or a W2
    employee planning for your future we can help protect your family's assets by effectively
    planning for the transition of your estate to your heirs.  We can help with complex estate plans
    or just a simple Will.  Often we will work with a client's CPA and/or financial planner to make
    sure that their "team" of professionals are all on the same page.    

    Contract Corporate Counsel and Continued Retainers
    Yeaster Legal PLLC offers continuing support arrangements, often referred to as a "Contract
    Corporate Counsel" arrangement for larger businesses needing monthly or even weekly legal
    support.  These arrangements can be offered at a significant discount if paid on a rolling
    retainer.  In addition, it guarantees calendared time reserved for your organization which means
    your matters are always first in line and get top priority attention.  Inquire directly if this may be
    beneficial to your organization.  The cost savings can be substantial depending on the amount of
    time reserved and the length of the arrangement.  Contact Attorney Yeaster directly for more
    information on these arrangements.
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